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ABOUT The Practitioners

Sachiko is a licensed Massage therapist, Reiki Master and the owner of Best Day Ever Therapeutic Massage, LLC.  The reason why she became a massage therapist is that she wants to help hard working and tired ladies like herself through massage at safe and comfortable space so that ladies can be at their best !!!  She graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy after completing 1000 course hours in 2012.  Additionally, she also has gone through extensive training in Thai Massage under three different teachers.  She also took Reiki classes (First and Second degree, and advanced class) as a part of Continuing Education since 2015 and practicing Reiki daily diligently.  Also she has studied and completed the study course to be a health coach to help her elderly clients.  She received a health coach certification from Dr. Sears wellness institute in 2021.  She graduated from Columbia College in 2000 with a B.A in Business Administration. Learning new and effective healing modalities to help her clients is important to Sachiko and she is committed to continued professional development.  

Here is what Sachiko said: 


"Once upon a time, I was an over-tired stay at home mom with three small children who never slept through the night.  Needless to say, I struggled with exhaustion and a lack of energy.  During this time, I began to explore my career options. I had always wanted to have a hands-on skill to help other people. I briefly considered becoming a nurse or aesthetician, but I soon found myself drawn to massage therapy. In it, I found a healing energy that resonated with my desire to help others.  I am so glad that things turned out the way they did because my new career has been a life changing experience for me.  I greatly appreciate what I’ve learned and experienced, as well as the people I’ve met. Learning new modalities to better help my clients is fun and exciting for me.  I have gone through extensive Thai massage training as a part of my continuing education.  My very first Thai massage training was a three-day course during which I both gave and received Thai massages.  I was impressed with how it energized me and the way my troubles melted away due to its power to relax.  I was so impressed with what massage could do for my body and mind.  I found a gift I wanted to share with other tired hard-working ladies in the world!  In my heart, I believe our world would be a better place if everyone receives massages regularly.  I also enjoy providing Reiki along with massages.  My clients often fell in sleep during the session, but they are not aware that they have been sleeping.  They must be deeply relaxed.  I am excited that I am sharing my skills in a welcoming and soothing environment of Azul Aesthetics Skin Care Studio.  I would like you to take time for yourself and experience rejuvenation, pain and stress relief through massage and/or Reiki therapy!   

Meg is a registered nurse and licensed esthetician in the state of Arizona.  She is the owner of Azul Aesthetics LLC.  (Best Day Ever Therapeutic Massage, LLC is located inside Azul Aesthetics )  She has ten years of experience in spa and medispa skin care techniques.  Prior to becoming an esthetician, Meg used her RN license to work in women’s health and arthritis research.  Today, Meg uses her knowledge to create skin care treatments and home care regimens to have immediate and lasting results.  

When she is not at the studio taking care of her clients, Meg loves spending time with her husband and two teenage sons.  She loves to hike many of Southern Arizona’s trails with her friends.

For a facial appointment, please call Meg at 520-485-8567 or go to her online schedule!  Thank you.  


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