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 reiki  霊気

Reiki is an alternative medicine and a form of self care system with Japanese heritage whereby a trained Reiki practitioner channels healing energy to a receiver through the placing of hands in a series of positions over the body.  Reiki can be done here at our studio or via distance Reiki, depending on what is most convenient and comfortable for you.  Reiki will travel to you anywhere in the world!  Whether you elect to experience Reiki in person or via distance Reiki's benefits are the same. 

If you are new to Reiki, here are a list of the benefits it can provide:

  • Reiki can offer stress reduction and relaxation

  • Reiki can help balance your mind and emotions

  • Reiki can offer pain relief

  • Reiki can offer activate natural healing processes 

  • Reiki can restore physical and mental well-being

  • Reiki can help improve quality of sleep

Sachiko Cronin is a Reiki master and I am committed to sharing this healing art with my clients. I received an attunement to Reiki energy from my Reiki master, Mega Mease and, in the years following, I have devoted myself to becoming more energy sensitive so that I am able to help people to the best of my abilities. 

Distance Reiki is an ideal alternative for those who want to receive Reiki from the comfort of their own home or for those who are not able to make it to our studio.

To schedule your FIRST distance Reiki appointment, please:

  • Make a $25 donation directly to the charity of your choice or one of my favorite charities. 


To schedule your SECOND or NEXT distance Reiki treatment, please:

  • Use the PAYMENT button to pay the fee of $35

  • After your donation  or Payment has been made, please text me at 520-261-2661 or message me through Facebook/Instagram to let me know of your interest in scheduling a treatment 

  • Please provide with your full name, address and when you’d like to receive Reiki.  Your personal information is safe with me.  I won't share your information with anyone.  Your full name and address are needed for sending Reiki.  

  • Distance Reiki treatments are between 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Please allow at least 12 hours for scheduling and rescheduling appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Distance Reiki:

Q:  Do I need to be asleep when I receive Reiki?

A:  No, you do not need to be asleep when you receive Reiki, but if you would prefer to do so, that is completely fine. Ideally, you would be in a relaxed state and space while receiving your treatment. While the effects of the treatment vary from person to person, I do not advise you be driving a vehicle or operating machinery while receive Reiki as some clients find that it induces sleepiness.

Q:  What can I expect to feel while receiving Reiki?

A:  This answer varies from client to client, therefore I’m not able to give you a complete description. Sensitivity to holistic energy and healing is a very individual response. Which means that while some people will feel an immediate difference, others feel it to a different degree. This is normal and to be expected. Please keep in mind that many people become more sensitive to Reiki over the course of a few treatments.

Q: What do I need to do during a Reiki treatment to maximize the experience?

A:  You don’t need to do anything specific. However, because Reiki is primarily for stress relief and relaxation, you ideally would be open to the experience. If you can cultivate a positive, relaxed state of mind , your Reiki practitioner will do the rest so that you can receive healing energy.

Q:  Can I schedule a Reiki treatment for someone else? I have someone I think would benefit. Is this possible?

A:  Ideally, I would need permission from the person who is to receive Reiki to ensure that it works.  Some people don't wish to be healed despite of their loved ones' hope.   However, please contact me if you have additional questions regarding this. 

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