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We offer various services for your relaxation, rejuvenation and pain and stress relief.  

Therapeutic Massage with CBD oil

60/90 min. massage


Relaxation Swedish,/ Pregnancy Massage

60/90 minutes


Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes


Salt Stone Glow Massage

60 /90 minutes


Targeted Massage

30 minutes express customized massage


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Added on to any massage or Reiki session


Reiki Session at our studio

Approx 45 minutes


Reiki as add-on

20-30 min.


Thai Massage

60/ 90 minutes

$85/ $115

Best Spa Day Ever at Azul

A combination of Swedish massage and Traditional Reaxation Facial (60 min/50 min)


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Reiki is a hands-on energy work originally coming from  Japan. The primary purpose of Reiki is for relaxation and stress relief. Reiki may be helpful for someone who is having insomnia or anxiety. Reiki is great for someone who is too fragile to receive massages because of cancer etc...   Reiki energy is not visible, but you don't have to believe in or feel Reiki for it to be effective. During a Reiki session, wear comfortable clothing.  Just lie down on our comfortable massage table at our studio.  For Distance Reiki,  lie down or sit anywhere you feel comfortable, close your eyes and enjoy the meditative experience!   Please don't drive while you are receiving Distance Reiki.  

Therapeutic Massage

The purpose of a therapeutic massage is more than relaxation. We consult with you and set a goal together. The goal of your therapeutic massage session may be a relief from chronic pain, managing an old injury, or relaxing extra tightness in your neck, shoulder or back area. We will listen to your individual needs and pay extra attention to your problem areas. Do no harm is our policy. We need to find a happy medium where we can make a difference without stressing your body further. Communication is very important before and during your Therapeutic Massage.  CBD oil or essential oil will be used to enhance effectiveness of this session.  

Pregnancy Massage

Being pregnant is such an exciting time for you and your family. We are very happy for you! We also understand how hard it is to carry another life inside your body. Your body is working extra hard to nurture your beautiful baby! You might be experiencing an emotional roller coaster due to hormonal changes as well. Let us nurture you so that you can feel relief from any pregnancy pains you may be having.  Just pampering life for two is always a great reason to receive a pregnancy massage too. We have taken several pregnancy massage trainings so that you can feel safe and relaxed.  Please have a doctor's permission especially if you are going through difficult pregnancy. Thank you.  

 Relaxation Swedish


Sometimes all you need is a gentle massage to calm your nervous system. A  massage does not have to be painful to be effective.  Relaxation (Swedish) massage with a high-quality oils and Thai herbal balls will relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. If you have never received a massage before,  Relaxation Swedish Massage on the table is highly recommended!  

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy this traditional hot stone massage!  Basalt hot stones will enhance your massage experience! They will melt away your muscular and emotional tension you may be having. Heat allows deeper pressure without being invasive. Make sure that you are well hydrated before and after the hot stone massage. If you have a heart condition, it is not recommended.  


Aromatherapy can be added to any massage or Reiki therapy session at an additional charge. Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. We offer wide selections of high-quality essential oils for you to choose from.


 Targeted Massage 

This is an express (30 minutes) massage. We will be focusing on your one or two problem areas.

Thai Massage  

Thai massage is a combination of acupressure and Yoga.  Since a practitioner moves receiver's body into yoga asana-like postures, Thai massage is sometimes called "Lazy Yoga Massage."  The slow rhythmic compressions and stretches will help you loosen your joint and stiffness. This one is great for athletes since it is known to improve athletic performances!   However you don't have to be an athletes to enjoy benefits.  This Thai massage will energize and relax you at the same time!  

  No massage oil is used. No disrobing is required.   Please wear loose clothing or yoga pants.  At  Best Day Ever Therapeutics, Thai massage comes with Mini  Reiki session.  It is a great value!  

Thai Herbal Balls

Thai herbal balls will add warm soothing touch to your massage session. The herbal balls treatment is complimentary. Our herb mixture includes dried Eucalyptus leaves, Ginger, Tamarind leaves, Lime leaves, Lime peels, lemongrass, Siamese Yellow, Cinnamon leaves, and more which are wrapped in cotton cloth. The Thai herbal balls are steamed and the warm bundles are then applied directly on to your skin. They are known to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and muscle relaxant properties. In addition, there are benefits to the skin as well as aromatherapeutic properties to the herbs, whose essential oils are released with steam.   


Best Spa day ever at Azul!

This is Our signature service!  You will enjoy our 60 min. Swedish massage, combined with relaxation Traditional Facial provided by two caring professionals.  


You will experience an ultimate relaxation with this Spa Day service !  You will feel beautiful inside and out.  This may be a great gift for someone you love or for yourself!  Even better enjoy Spa day with your special someone! 

Salt Stone Glow Massage

A Salt Stone Glow Massage is a healing treatment that involves gently massaging the skin using warm salt crystal stones harvested from an ancient sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains. As an alternative to the traditional stone massage, the Salt Stone Glow Massage gently exfoliates the skin, increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, improves sleep, and induces deep relaxation. The energy created from the 250-million-year-old mineral salt can assist in balancing the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system, and meridians, all while improving your overall sense of well-being.


Some of the more common benefits our client's experience are:

Deep relaxation

Quieting of the mind

Heightened energy levels

Relief of pain and muscle tension

Reduced emotional stress

Here is what our clients say


By Mary Ellen on March. 2019

I was so happy for my 30 min therapeutic massage, I went in with some very specific issues and left feeling so much better!


By Anonymous on Jun. 2018

I have some shoulder issue, sachiko was great in listening and then addressing the issue. I like everything about this place. She is great and very professional in her approach. During my first visit she actually did reki and that was helpful. So far I have visited her 2 time but will be going there on a regular basis.


By Anonymous on Jun. 2018

Sachiko is caring, aware of client body issues, and gives a relaxing but rejuvenating massage. She’s fabulous!

Lexi W. 

Service Received:


By Lexi W.  on April 2018

Sachiko does an amazing job and the massage was one of the best I have had!

By Anonymous on March. 2019

Sachiko is AMAZING!! Best ever massage! The name says it all. I highly recommend Sachiko for relaxation, pain management etc.


By Danielle V.  on March 2018

 I love Sachiko. I’m not one to get a massage, but my husband has been a client for years. I was recently injured and had been on narcotics. The massage helped my numbness in my left leg and eliminated my constipation issues. Don’t use laxitives—-get a massage!

By Anonymous on March 2018

This was my first massage and I wasn't entirely certain that I'd feel comfortable but I needn't have worried. Sachiko is very friendly, very professional, and clearly very well trained. I felt extremely comfortable from the start, thanks to Sachiko's skills. The Thai Massage was both relaxing and invigorating and I highly recommend it.


yukko S.  on Feb 2018

Thai massage was really good!!

Mary H.  on Feb. 2018 

Sachiko is awesome! She gives an excellent massage. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to relax.